DVB Foundation meet & greet

Still reminiscing about last Thursday, December 15; the Meet and Greet of the DVB Foundation at our place in Brakel!

The goal of DVB Foundation is to support therapeutic horseback riding for riders with disabilities. DVB Foundation contributes to the physical and mental health of the rider. Board and all volunteers do their work entirely unpaid.

DVB Foundation board

Every euro DVB Foundation receives is spent on our target group. The Board, the many volunteers and the buddies do their work unpaid.
We account for our policies in an annual report with financial statements, which can be found on our website at www.dvbfoundation.nl.

Despite the cold and code yellow, still a fantastic turnout at the meet & greet!

What a great evening with super clinics from our team, top ambassador, donors, all the volunteers!

Opening number; freestyle of Feline with Kevin and Marlies

This year marks the Foundation’s 20th anniversary. During that time, a lot of experience and knowledge has been accumulated, and the DVB Foundation is functioning stably. Last year they gave support to 4 riding stables: the Princess Máxima Manege, the Prince Willem-Alexander Manege, Het Paardrijk and the Bio Manege

Clinic Princess Maxima Riding School from Den Dolder

The Princess Maxima Manege from Den Dolder hosted an impressive clinic with riders Marissa and Mees.

Chairman Johan Dorresteijn and Marrigje van Baalen

As ambassador of the Princess Maxima Riding School, Marrigje explained even more about the work of the center

flnr: Debora Pijpers, Vera Verhage, Coby van Baalen, Glasten Krapels and Sharina Mandemakers

Riders with disabilities supported by DVB Foundation receive support from a volunteer buddy, if it is helpful. Some of the buddies and supporters spoke about their experiences

Fam Hendriks, Cilian, Glasten Krapels and Coby

During the meet & greet, special attention was given by the Hendriks family who recently made the horse Cilian available to para rider Glasten Krapels

Jos Hogendoorn

Stable riders Jos Hogendoorn and Kirra Jardine gave a clinic on training a young horse

Kirra Jardine and 3-year-old Olivia
Johan Dorresteijn, Riny van Oord and Coby van Baalen

Also a dignified farewell for former board member Riny van Oord. Due to corona measures, it was not possible to say goodbye to Riny earlier

Kickoff Christmas auction led by Peter Keijnemans

During the meet & greet was the kickoff of the Christmas auction where some wonderful sponsored items were auctioned live. Online it is still possible to compete for wonderful (Christmas) items. The auction closes Dec. 23 at 8 p.m. Thanks to everyone for making the 25 items available!

Registration and bidding is possible through the following website: https://bid.dvbfoundation.nl/register

The Horse Kingdom at Berlicum

For years Marlies has been ambassador of Manege Het Paardrijk, together with Anneke they explained the value of therapeutic riding.

Pas de Deux; Maddy Dijkshoorn and Isabella Karajkovic

Led by Marlies, pony amazons Maddy Dijkshoorn and Isabella Karajkovic rode a specially made and sponsored pas de deux by kuronline.nl

Maddy & Isabella

A large delegation was present from the Prince Willem Alexander riding school from Amsterdam. DVB Foundation award winner Marianne Ovaa, among others, explained the help and tools DVB Foundation offered during the corona period.

Greet van Gils and volunteers from PWA Riding School

For years, the van Gils family has been coming to DVB. Daughter inge, super fan of Coby & Marlies, rides at the Prince Willem Alexander stables and mother Greet is a volunteer at the stables

Super fan Inge
Show riding school Zesspan

Shetland pony riding school Het Zesspan from Kapel-Avezaath gave a pommel horse clinic. The Sesspan made a children’s party available during the live auction

Coby and Antoine Ras

Antoine Ras of Derby Rijlaarzen provided a pair of custom-made riding boots for the raffle among the riders of the four supporting equestrian centers!

Jos Hogendoorn and Convalaria

Marlies and Jos gave a clinic on training horses in the light and heavy tour

Marlies & Jacky Kennedy DVB

In closing, Shanna Baars rode her freestyle with Farzana

Shanna & Farzana

All photos were taken by Amber Kleian photography!