since 1978

The family history

Dressage stable Van Baalen has a rich history and developed from its inception in 1978 into the top sports accommodation it is today.

The emergence

Arie van Baalen senior (†2021) and Coby van Baalen married in 1978. Arie senior was a cow farmer and horse man at heart. Arie was a passionate horse breeder with a penchant for Trakehner blood. He was Coby and Marlies’ biggest supporter and supported them unconditionally in the pursuit of their sporting ambitions.

Breeding and sport

In addition to the 150 dairy cows in cubicles, a small-scale breeding farm was present on the premises in Brakel. Coby already rode Z-dressage and Z-jumping nationally. In Brakel she started riding Arie’s broodmares and that was the beginning of a successful sports career. Training at home was then just done in the pasture; there was no indoor or outdoor track.

Nationwide awareness arises

Coby participated in many mare tests with Arie’s broodmares and her successes did not go unnoticed, bringing more and more horses to the barn. Due to her success with Mr. Henk van Tuyl’s studs, she gained national fame.

From dairy cattle to top sport

Over the years, the property in Brakel developed from a dairy farm to a full-fledged dressage stable. Coby and Arie senior had two children, daughter Marlies and son Arie junior. Son Arie specialized in arable farming, especially the onion business. In 2020, opposite Dressuurstal Van Baalen, he opened together with his wife Jacobine Van Baalen Farms , a modern rearing company for young horses.