team dvb

Dressage is a real team sport

That certainly applies to the work at Dressuurstal Van Baalen as well. DVB is proud of the team that makes sure every day that horse and rider can develop their talents optimally, with the well-being of horse and rider as the basis. DVB is pleased to introduce to you the top performers of Team DVB.

Team DVB

Marcella de Ronde

Marcella is the office manager at DVB. She has been working at Dressage Stable Van Baalen since 2015, rides Z-dressage herself and enjoys combining her hobby and work. Marcella is also a Ruitervitaal Coach and with DVB Fit To Ride she helps improve your posture, balance, endurance and coordination.

Kirra Jardine

South African Kirra Jardine has worked at DVB since 2020 and is responsible for stable management together with Lene van Ruiven. She studied Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts. Kirra has a lot of feeling for dealing with (young) horses and also rides Marlies’ old topper Ben Johnson DVB.

Lene van Ruiven

Norway’s Lene van Ruiven is responsible for stable management together with Kirra Jardine. She has a bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy and a keen interest in sports psychology and youth sports. Lene joined DVB in 2016 and has also owned the horse Lily Rose DVB, who was bred by DVB, since 2019.

Jos Hogendoorn

Jos Hogendoorn is stable rider at Dressuurstal Van Baalen. He rides horses of different ages for DVB and is motivated to train young horses as well as possible, to compete them and eventually to reach the highest level. Jos had previously competed internationally Small Tour.

Marrigje van Baalen

As a niece of Coby and Marlies, Marrigje has been coming to DVB since she was a little girl. She was successful in the ponies with Power and Paint and with Pandor, Inspekteur, Sir Oliver and Don Cardinale in the Juniors and Young Riders. She is now successful up to Grand Prix level. At Dressage Stable Van Baalen Marrigje is active as a groom for the competition horses.