Training at DVB

Working together in perfect harmony, that’s dressage! This is pursued daily by Dressage Stable Van Baalen. And with success, because Dressuurstal Van Baalen already trained more than a hundred combinations to a Dutch team spot!

Complete guidance

Dressage stable Van Baalen offers dressage coaching in the broadest sense of the word, from taking lessons to achieve a training goal, to intensive coaching of sports careers. Everything is possible. Not only the training of the horse, but also the rider is scrutinized, as well as the whole management around the horse. Training can be done at all levels, with Coby, Marlies, or one of the other DVB trainers.

Skala as a guide

At Dressage Stable Van Baalen, both horse and rider are trained from a young age. To this end, DVB uses “The Skala der Ausbildung” as a guide. The Skala consists of six concepts: takt, looseness, linkage, schwung, straightening and collecting. Coby and Marlies value this underlying theory, which is used as a guideline by the Fédération Équestre Internationale and the Royal Dutch Sports Federation.

Of course, Coby and Marlies also have years of experience in the field. They have also written books on the subject, namely “The Simplicity of Dressage” (together with Johann Hinnemann), “Dressage for Everyone” and “Dressage with Marlies”.

They also train on DVB:

Pieter Ton

Pieter Ton is a very passionate rider who has been associated with DVB for many years. Pieter has ridden at the Grand Prix level and rides Prix St. Louis with his current horse. Georges. Meanwhile, he has not only riding but also breeding as an out-of-control hobby. Several wonderful youngsters are growing up at Van Baalen Farms. In daily life, Pieter runs his own real estate agency, Woerden Makelaardij.

Inge Heylen

Inge Heylen is a Belgian very passionate dressage rider. She has been training at DVB for some time with Kalagan and El Dorado, among others. El Dorado found Inge through DVB Matchmaker and is now focusing on moving up to Grand Prix. Inge is a mother of two young daughters.

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Roy First

Israeli Roy First has been coming to Dressage Stables Van Baalen since 2007 and has been training with Coby for many years. He rides horses from young to Grand Prix. Roy is based in Belgium and doesn’t see himself training anywhere other than DVB anytime soon.

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