CDI Exloo

What a fantastic weekend at the beautiful location of Equestrian Center Exloo. Great results for Marlies and our pupils.

@Arnd Bronkhorst

Happy faces at Habibi & Marlies! In both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix special, Marlies got to take a seat on the second step of the podium!

Marlies: ”Habibi showed again what a golden horse he is. In the Grand Prix Special, we danced to second place with 74.4%. The feeling he gives me is just incredible”

Archive photo

Go Legend is also in good form with a second place in the freestyle!

Isabella Karajkovic wins the pony freestyle with First Hummer!

Charline Chen rode a personal record in the pony freestyle with Jango.

Daphne van Peperstraten and Cupido in good form and second place twice in the U25.

The DVB Matchmaker-sponsored class, pony individual test, was won by Sweden’s Wilma Holmgren.