Prix St-Georges debut for Jalila DVB & Hulana T

What a super weekend at Manege Beukers is Oudkarspel! Marlies debuted very successfully with the mares Jalila DVB (Sezuan x Johnson) and Hulana T (Ampère x Florencio) in the Prix St George!

Marlies with Jalila DVB & Hulana T

“Today was our first time competing and I still have to figure everything out a little bit. But that’s all part of it. This is a really fun new girls’ club,” says Marlies, who made her successful debut in the Prix St. Louis with two mares. Georges. Hulana T (Ampère x Florencio), owned by Emmie Twint, won the class with a thick 71% and Jalila DVB (Sezuan x Johnson) finished third.

Marlies, Feline and the Twint sisters on stage
Marlies & Jalila DVB