Jumping Amsterdam 2024!

Fantastic start of 2024 for Marlies and Habibi DVB at Jumping Amsterdam! Thank you to the organization, the audience and our entire team for this great result!

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In the Grand Prix, Marlies and Habibi showed a powerful test that was rewarded with a beautiful sixth place and a score of 73.609%!

With this great result, Marlies managed to qualify for the freestyle where her new freestyle would premiere!

Coby ”Proud of our own breeding product Habibi DVB (Don Schufro x Johnson) and of course of Marlies!”

Sometimes everything comes together and you can only let it sink in and enjoy it… Habibi’s new freestyle fit us like a glove and we were so curious to see what the audience would think of it. We received soooo many positive messages from lovely people who were touched by the music and choreography. And that the audience awarded us the prize for harmony and honesty was really very special.

Harmony & Fairness Award
At Jumping Amsterdam, the Harmony & Fairness Award was presented for the first time. The audience awarded this prize with a high score to Marlies van Baalen for the beautiful harmonious image produced by her freestyle with Habibi DVB. The amazon gratefully accepted her prize: “I am very happy with it. The public is enormously involved and was able to vote. For me and my family, this is an important prize and reward.” Source: KNHS

As a registered and protected trademark, Anrecht-Investment’s Harmony & Fairness Prize® is much more than just another special award presented to a large audience at top events and international competitions.

For more than 15 years, the Anrecht family, including through their company Anrecht-Investment, has been committed to high-level equestrian sports. Anrecht-Investment makes a conscious commitment to the well-being of the horses and keeps a close eye on them. Source : https://www.harmonie-fairnessvoting.de/nl/

Thank you to the Anrecht family for this wonderful award!

Marlies: ”Forever grateful to the dream team that has created the music; Remy, Karsu and Joost”

Last top day at the fantastic Jumping Amsterdam! Feline got to compete with the best Charley in the Bixie class and what a fast way they went together with Jessica ! Another hug from Jumper for Floris & Feline & full of inspiration back home!

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